I specialize in cultural intelligence, communication, social media strategies, website and graphic design.  I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Global Communication, and have practically applied it by working with people from over 15 different countries in negotiations, communications, and in social relations for over 3 years. I have helped start a nonprofit organization in Cache Valley by establishing their website, managing their social media, and maintaining positive relations with clients and volunteers.

Josh is a wonderful employee. He has always been kind, helpful, respectful and responsible. We have had no communication issues and he has always been a wonderful asset to our team here. I would recommend Josh as an employee anywhere. I have always appreciated his positive attitude, willingness to work, and adaptive personality that allows him to accomplish any task at hand.

Brittani Wilson – Executive Assistant at Triton Investments

I am deeply thankful to my younger colleague for his inquisitive mind, professional integrity, excellent work ethic that made it possible for me to teach those classes successfully. His concentration, participation and ability to grasp the concepts are excellent. I will not be surprised if he indeed chooses globalization as one of his areas of expertise.

Dr. Taira Koybaeva, CEO/Founder at Go Global Fast, LLC.